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GUARANTEES: All Appliances are guaranteed to fit original work model.
                      Appliances are guaranteed against breakage for 90 days.
                      If returning an appliance please send the original work model and a reason for return.
SCHEDULING: Removable Appliances, Fixed Appliances and Splints/Nightguards                   3 days
                      Functional Appliances and Snoring/Sleep Apnea                                             5 days
                      Study Models                                                                                               7 days
SHIPPING: We provide postage paid mailing labels for your convenience. We charge a single postage and handing fee of $10 per box.  Please go to the "Forms Online" page to download labels and prescriptions.
                 Shipping is usually 2-3 days each way in addition to the "in lab" times.
                 You may call or e-mail us to receive a current price list, mailing supplies and prescription forms.
BILLING and PAYMENTS: An invoice is sent with each case. Please keep your invoice to cross check the monthly statement.
                                      Statements are set out at the end of each month with a summary of the invoices for the month.
                                      Payments are due by the 30th if the month. Payments may be made by check or credit card (MasterCard, Discover or Visa).
                                      Past Due Accounts will be charged a 1.5% monthly service charge.
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Please call our toll free number 1-888-744-1588 for assistance or questions on appliance design.